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A Message from the Creator

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Spectrum Hair Essentials is a collection of premium hair products carefully selected and hand-crafted with the client in mind. Why are these products ESSENTIAL? Spectrum allows you to maintain a healthy hair regimen between professional salon sessions. Shy Watters created Shy Watters Hair Studio to curate a hair care haven. Through years of servicing and consulting with clients, it became apparent clients required hair care beyond the salon. With this goal at the forefront, Spectrum Hair Essentials hair system was created to give clients salon quality products easy to use at home.


The products speak for themselves! Our haircare is Biomineral Technology formulated with a meticulous selection of deep penetrating properties of the best natural minerals and botanical proteins combined to deliver all the nutritional necessities for healthy hair. The plant-based ingredients are both color and keratin safe in order to leave hair soft, strong, resilient, and full of shine. What makes Spectrum Hair Essentials powerful are its anti-aging, collagen-building, and thermo-protective ingredients. More than that, our all natural shampoos and conditioners are sulfate, sodium chloride, paraben and gluten free.


The entire system provides enriching essential components that rejuvenate your scalp and hair, yet is gentle enough for children. It’s obvious these products are essential in any family home. Are you ready to revel in the ultimate hair care at home? Start your healthy regimen today with Spectrum! 

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