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Essential Reviews

"A Holy Grail!"

Breyonna B.

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"...I have been searching high and low for a great hair oil that's very light but calming and moisturizing to the scalp. The SW Stimulating Hair Oil does just that. As recommended, I apply this oil every other night after my shower for about 2-3 minutes. Just when I thought I lost hope, I think I discovered a holy grail!"

"I began to suffer from very bad  dandruff and dry scalp...I stop using other products and only use the Spectrum line and her Stimulating Scalp Serum and within a month of only using just those products my dandruff decreased by 80% and also stopped being so itchy!! So happy I invested into these products!"

"So happy I invested into these products!"

Raven Paris

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"...They focus heavily on hair care."

Tatiyana C.

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"I ONLY use Strands Extensions and Spectrum Hair Products. In fact, my entire family uses the Stimulating Scalp Serum. I'm very big on total body wellness, so I love the fact that they focus heavily on hair care."

"I highly 

T Hawkes

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"On top of the great service her and her staff provides, she offers really great products to use at home to help maintain my healthy hair between salon visits. Some of my favorites are the Mint and Moisture, Stimulating Scalp Serum, and Mega Moisture hair care system. My entire family has benefited from her products and tips. I highly recommend!"

"...was experiencing some scalp psoriasis. I spoke to Shy about my issue and she told me about her scalp oil, Stimulating Scalp Serum...It is a must have if you experience itchy, dry scalp. It's all natural, light and doesn't leave your hair feeling greasy... It's been about 3 months now since I have been using the serum and my scalp is about 90% back to what it use to be prior to the psoriasis." 

"It is a must have..."

Victoria D.

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